Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate but have limited knowledge on how to begin? Are you ready to take action and discover the financial freedom gained through real estate investing?

We believe we can help! No Limit Home Solutions provides a One On One Real Estate Investing Mentoring Program. This program is designed to jumpstart your real estate investing career path. It provides insight and definitive strategies that will equip entry level real estate investors with the tools needed to achieve success in an all to often competitive industry. Come learn how to separate yourself from the competition. Our leadership team will walk with you step by step through your first transaction- from deal to check! We want to ensure that you understand the in's and out's and can fly on your own without any hang-ups.  We help Cowholesale your first deal with you and split the profits 50/50 in order for mentees to gain competency on how the process works.

The cost of the program: $325.00

​For More Information call: 901-567-8089

Our experienced leadership team are looking for passionate people who are eager to learn how to create wealth and build legacy through understanding the value and power of real estate investing. 

During the program, you will receive information on how to:

*** invest with little to no money down

*** find premimum real estate deals

***negotiate with sellers

***analyze deals

***effectively market houses

***develop strategic buyers list

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Team Building 


Question and Answer Session

Real Estate Mentor Program Trainers :  Phillip & Rogers



Property Assessment Training